Ania Dlugolecka


Born and raised in the beautiful town of Wroclaw in Poland, Ania Dlugolecka grew up being interested in health and wellbeing from an early age. Ania continued her life’s journey by moving to Sydney in 1999, where she has been practising  homeopathy since 2007. She knows first hand the powerful, immediate and gentle benefits of healing without pharmaceutical medicine. This motivated her to continue her homeopathic studies in order to help others.


Ania graduated with an Advanced Diploma from Nature Care College in Sydney.

www.naturecare.com.au She is a current member of the Australian Register of Homeopaths http://www.aroh.com.au and the Australian Homeopathic Association http://www.homeopathyoz.org


Ania now resides in the eastern suburbs of Sydney with her husband  Allan and their son Kai. She enjoys swimming, snorkelling, stand up paddle board, and bush walking. Living a healthy lifestyle and making positive nutrition choices, she actively pursues her optimal health goals.


Ania's passion is supporting good health in all aspects of life. Her work goals are to use homeopathic medicine to empower her patients to achieve their ultimate wellbeing.


Ania welcomes the opportunity to discuss your unique personal health story and looks forward to assist you in your journey towards good health.