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Ania has been a huge asset to my families health for the past 3 years. I have gone to her for gut issues, skin issues, common viruses, anything I haven't been able to resolve myself, Ania has been my go to person. She is accommodating, nurturing, caring, understanding and wouldn't have been able to care for my families health without her. 


I completed her First Aid course that included a take home kit which was a god send because it empowered me to use homeopathy for myself and my family whilst still having her there as a resource, guide and mentor. Definitely worth considering.

Fono Reid, Sydney

Ania helped my daughter with her tonsils. She was struggling with sleeping at night, had sleep apnea and catching cold all the time even couldn’t eat or drink. Doctors said that the only solution is surgery which I didn’t really want. Ania helped my daughter in less then few months! Since then Ania is my guide if I have any health issue with my kids.

Joanana Kowalewska, Gold Coast 

I’m so grateful to have come across Ania in my mothering journey. He passion and in depth knowledge of not only homeopathy, but also harmony in the body, is such essential information for anybody to have.  Ania has supported how I care for my children and myself. She has helped me to shift perspective my children’s wellbeing.  I’m hooked. My first port of call for remedies is now homeopathics and I have Ania to thank for that.

Tatiana Karlisle, Northern Rivers

Testimonials about first aid course

Ania is very professional and has vast knowledge and experience with homeopathy. With her first aid course I understand how to use homeopathic remedies for my baby as well for myself and I can do that with confidence since she explains all so well. She is also very generous with sharing her knowledge and very caring. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for alternative therapies for you and your family.

Mariola Wrona, Sydney.

After attending Ania homeopathy first aid course I feel  well-informed about the remedies in the kit. I have used them on multiple occasions for myself and my family. I have found Aconite and Arnica and Hepar Sulph lifesavers on many occasions. It definitely made me more empowered and i would recommend this to all mums and anyone who would like to use homeopathy for first aid.

Dorota Barbieri, Sydney

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