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How Homeopathy helped my cat Tiga

If you are as crazy as me about animals and you would do anything for them you know how difficult it is to see the little one suffering. They can’t say to us what exactly is happening but we know when something is not right and they are not themselves.

Here is a picture of my gorgeous Tiga (who passed away few years ago) when she had ringworms, her energy was so flat and I was really worried about her.

It was first time when homeopathy came to rescue. She got few doses of Bacillinum and it was amazing to see how she instantly got happier in herself, wanting to play again and skin healed over period of 2 weeks.


Since then, I have been using all different remedies for her, she had a bad cystitis with blood in urine. Few doses of Staphysagria clear that all out completely.

Another remedy that works miracles for her is Euphrasia. Tiga was a very clean lady and sometimes during her cleaning routines she scratched her eyes which weeps untreated. After one dose of this remedy next day her eye is great again. I love how fast homeopathy work with her.

She loves to get it too. I mix 2 pillules with a bit of water and when they dissolve I apply it with my finger on top of her head. Cats don’t like water on them, but I think she know that it is helping her because she so patient with me.

Homeopathy is great for animals if you have any questions about health issues regarding your animals let me know. Check this link for some first aid remedies for animals If I can help I will be more than happy.

Also if you have any stories about how homeopathy helped your little munchkin do share. We can help one another but learning what works and if its comes to our animals we will do everything we can for them :-)

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