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Anxiety and fear, let’s tackle it :-)

With everything happening in 2020 with all uncertainty surrounding us it is easy to feel anxious and fearful but we can help ourselves, empower each other and get out of the grip of fear :-)

I used to get periods of very high anxiety. I was functioning but high like a kite on cortisol, it was fun for a few days but prolonged time led to tension headaches, poor sleep and aches and pains.

So when I feel that I am falling into a stressful whirlpool I catch myself now and do the following things.

I do Wim Hoff breathing exercise - link below ( cold water is not for me but the breathing work a treat, I am grounded and better immediately)

Here is the link to my favourite one I like to use:

I am a big fan of homeopathic tissue salts the best for anxiety are:

Kali Phos is great for frayed nerves, irritability and nervousness all this accompanied by fatigue.

Sometimes I use a combination called Nerve Tonic or Comb 5 which has: Calc Phos, Ferrum Phos, Kali Phos, Mag Phos and Nat Phos tissue salts inside. It is great for anxiety, neuralgic pains and exhaustion due to nervousness and anxiety.

My homeopathic go to remedies are:

Aconite-a state of deep anxiety which comes on suddenly with heart palpitation, shortness of the breath and flushes of the face.

Arsenicum Album - I know when I need it when I feel chilly and anxious and feel need to clean even when I am feeling exhausted and I am thirsty for large quantities of water. This remedy is good for panic attacks which start around midnight and the person who needs this remedy is restless and exhausted and moves from place to place.

Argentum Nitricum- this great remedy when you panic before doing something outside of your comfort zone- public speaking, for example, presenting something, performing. The fear or anxiety in case of this remedy is caused because of uncertainty. It is accompanied by digestive upsets such as diarrhea and craving for sweets.

Gelsemium- is a great remedy for stage fright with loss of memory, weakness trembling and headaches. The person may feel paralyzed with fear and not be able to do anything. It is for people who want to hide away from people and afraid of crowds, or dislike any pressure from others.

Ignatia- great remedy after emotional shock or trauma and anxiety due to these reasons.

Better by being distracted. The physical representation of this remedy is a lump in the throat, sighing and yawning.

Lycopodium- The person needing this remedy has problems with confidence. The fear of failure makes him/her afraid to take on responsibility but they are usually successful in things they do. Feeling irritated and with many digestive problems such as bloating, gas and craving for sweets are associated with this remedy.

And another my favourite thing to use when I am feeling a bit anxious and I need quick fix is to use Bach flowers- Rescue remedy.

Rescue remedy you can buy in every chemist and it is a combination of five Bach essences: Clematis, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem and Impatiens. This great combination can be used, in an emergency and crisis or anytime to calm down.

As Aristotle said “Man is by nature a social animal” we need each other, and we are thriving when we are part of healthy communities when our social needs are met when we feel heard and understood. Speaking about our worries and fears is very healing. Whenever I feel the need I reach out and please do the same for yourself, we all are very precious and have a special part here.

It is wonderful to get back to our equilibrium by using simple methods. These are just snippets on information about remedies which are helpful for anxiety. With homeopathy, we can select a remedy which will fit your needs, contact me and let's have a chat about how homeopathy can help you.

And in the meantime take care of yourself dear one❤️

Disclaimer: This blog and the information provided is for informational purposes only. Please consult with your doctor or other health professionals to make sure this information is right for your family.


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