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Arnica I love this remedy, thanks god for Arnica!!!

My little boy tries to defy gravity at least once a day and I know he inherited that from me.

He loves Arnica. He asks for Arnica, when he needs it.

It is a great remedy for bruises also fear after something scary and painful that just happen to calm nerves.

If your child also pretends he is fine and don't want to be touched and it's obvious that something serious happened, it is a great indication to take Arnica.

For adults use it for aches and pains after we went to hard doing any kind of physical activities.

I went to paddle board during Xmas time during heavy wind I had lots of fun but the next day all my body felt bruised and in pain. I took doses and I forgot about the pain.

So for overstrain muscles, bruises, sprains, concussions think about Arnica

Also for mummies ready for labour amazing remedy to have with you.

It is one of my few remedies I can’t leave the house without. More about essentials remedies to have in every home in the next posts.


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