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Spotlight on Spongia Tosta

Spotlight on Spongia Tosta

I love all homeopathic remedies, but I have my group which I am fond of - ocean and sea remedies are close to my heart.

Spongia Tosta is one of them - common name - roasted sea sponge.

It is made by roasting a piece of the sponge until is powdery and made into a tincture and then to homeopathic remedy with dilution and succession.

This beautiful remedy contains various substances such as :

  • Iodine

  • Bromine

  • Carbonic and phosphoric acid salts of lime;

  • Silica

Spongia has affinity glandular tissues such: as the thyroid and ovaries and the respiratory tract. Glands are becoming enlarged and they become hard in someone needing Spongia.

Throat - tonsils are enlarged and there is difficulty with swallowing. There is dryneness and rawness in the throat.

Spongia is well-known croup remedy. This remedy was very helpful for many clients and my family. It was especially supportive in lingering suffocating cough. Which can be barking, dry, or croupy cough. Croup from from cold winds, or chilling when warm days are followed by cold nights.

Cough that sounds like a saw driven through a pine board. It is a great remedy for dryness in all air passages. Hoarseness of the voice. Also, helpful Bronchial catarrh, with wheezing, asthmatic cough, worse cold air, with profuse expectoration and suffocation; worse, lying with head low and in a hot room. Oppression and heat of the chest, with sudden weakness. The cough of Spongia wakes people up from sleep. Spongia Cough is worse from singing, swallowing, reading and talking. Better for warm drinks.

Spongia was one of three of Dr Boenninghausen's ( one of the pioneers of homeopathy 1785-1864) Homeopathy Cough powders. He used in his practice Aconite, Spongia and Hepar Sulph in 200C for cough in this order repeating if needed.

I am always looking for interesting - peculiar symptoms and clients who need Spongia don’t like anything tight around their necks and the pressure of clothing in general. If you need Spongia you will awake from sleep with a sensation of suffocation and with a violent loud cough. Spongia client may get frequently startled during sleep. There is a fear of suffocation and fear around heart disease - with a sense of unease around the heart area. They have Aversion to company, desires solitude and avoids the sight of people when sick. Wants to be Quiet. They have a mania for cleanliness.

This beautiful remedy is also helpful for our furry friends - for barking, squeaky gagging cough - in case of dogs for kennel cough.Cough that wakes up animals from their sleep.

If you interested how homeopathy can help you or your family, get in touch with me.

Till next time my friends.


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