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The remedy I love💛 the spotlight on Chamomilla :-)

Chamomilla was our top remedy for teething, it brought my son immediate relief.

If your child is capricious, irritable and inconsolable, wants to be carried all day and nothing you do works and is in obvious pain and salivating think about Chamomilla. Child gums may be so sore that the child will keep open mouth or keep his fingers in the mouth and dribble with saliva.

A child who needs chamomilla will cry more at night, especially around 9 pm,10 pm. If a child is sleepless from pain Chamomilla may bring great relieve and sound sleep.

The capriciousness off Chamomila presents itself with child demanding toys, food or something to drink but when given these things he will throw them out on the floor.

Interesting physical indication one cheek red and hot and one pale and cold.

Another indication for chamomile is green diarrhea like chopped spinach or grass.

When having fever children needing chamomilla are thirsty and perspire on the scalp and covered parts.

This godsend remedy is also good for colic - baby is distressed after feeding, must be carried and stretching, arching their back while crying.

Chamomilla is also great for earache ( otitis media) middle ear infection person who needs is oversensitive to pain.

The pain is caused by wind and it is worsed from exposure to wind.

Chamomilla will be also helpful for menstrual problems where cramps are spasmodic and extend to thighs and bleeding is profuse with blood clots.

I will write in following posts about the great homeopathic combination for busy mums chamomile is one of the remedies there.

Disclaimer: This blog and the information provided is for informational purposes only.


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