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The remedy I love 💜 The spotlight on Pulsatilla.

Pulsatilla is such a great remedy for kids and for adults, I have used it with great success on both.

Let’s learn a bit about this beautiful plant and its healing properties.

There are few different kinds of these plants, but the one proved in 1805 by Hahnemann was Pulsatilla Pratensis (nigricans) from Ranunculaceae family. It is called wind-flower as it always changes its position as the wind changes its direction.

Same with symptoms of Pulsatilla they are always changeable.

The discharges of Pulsatilla are greenish or yellow.

People who need Pulsatilla are mild nature, compliant who love their family and need their family. They are fearful, easily discourage and weepy. They may seem to others to be naive.

Things which they are better for fresh air, light exercises, compresses and consolation.

Things they are worse from heat, stuffy room, eating heavy fatty foods, ice cream.

Pulsatilla children are easy to recognise they shy and they are holding to mums leg and looking shyly behind mum.

Let’s get into nitty-gritty when to use Pulsatilla.

Eyes problems

Pulsatilla is a great remedy for conjunctivitis one of the first remedy I think of especially if the discharges are yellow or green. Also very good for styes on the upper eyelid. The sensation of sand in the eye with dryness. Agglutination of the margin of the eyes during the night.

For burning and itching eyelids better for cold bathing.


Headaches from the sun and stuffy room, or rich fatty food, better for fresh air and worse for movement.

Great for hormonal headache especially headache at the end of the menstrual period.

Menstrual problems and labour problems.

The woman who needs this remedy often has suppressed or delayed periods.

During her period she experiences sadness.

Also, Pulsatilla will help with morning sickness.

Digestive complaints

Painful indignation with rumbling gas, bitter belching and heartburn. Pulsatilla is very helpful with diarrhea, nausea and itchy painful hemorrhoids.

Does your child need Pulsatilla? Here are a few confirmatory symptoms:

  • Sleep on the back or abdomen.

  • Changeable symptoms

  • Thirstless

  • Doesn’t want to eat meat or fat

  • Better for fresh, cool air, crying and consolation.

  • Worse from warmth

  • Warm feet.

  • Upper respiratory tract infection with a cough during night worse from lying down

  • Thick yellow or green discharge during infection

  • Symptoms begin during puberty

Hope it was helpful and please check my website for other homeopathic blogs. Big virtual hugs to everyone who comes to this space.

Disclaimer: This blog and the information provided is for informational purposes only.


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