Homeopathic first aid course for parents.

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This webinar will also allow you to easily select the proper remedy based on specific keynotes provided throughout the course. Upon completion, you will leave feeling fully prepared with the knowledge of how to use each of these 10 remedies with confidence.

Included in the course is a kit of homeopathic remedies and a booklet with information on remedies. This booklet will provide insight into Homoeopathic principles and philosophy, methodology of first aid and acute prescribing in homeopathy.

It will allow you to feel confident in everyday situations implementing your newly learned homeopathic skills. Throughout the course, you will learn how to use quick and effective homeopathic methods to ease first aid symptoms. No prior knowledge of homeopathy or medicine is required.

The ten most popular remedies will help you with a range of ailments. Some of these ailments are earache, teething, diarrhoea, indigestion, fever, falls and bruises, food poisoning, colic, colds, boils, etc.


Course Syllabus :

What is Homeopathy

How to use remedies

Dose and frequency

10 remedies and their use for first aid ailment

Included: A homeopathic first aid kit including ten remedies, which is small enough to carry in your handbag so you can have it with you anywhere you go. As well as a booklet about homeopathy, its principles and the way to use each of these remedies.

You are encouraged to make notes during the webinar. It will be filled with practical knowledge and ways to get the most out of your new remedies.

Send me a text or email for more details and to organise a zoom session. 

Cost 120 

For people affected by floods or financial hardship 97