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Everybody loves the sunshine. Homeopathy with Ania - summer edition.

Dear friends, we have a few beautiful months of sunshine, festivity, swimming, and spending lots of time outdoors. I love summer and I am a sun worshiper ;-)

During summer I have a few go-to Homeopathic remedies to make it smooth for me and my dearest.

Remedies I use mostly :

Arnica - I love paddle boarding and sometimes I overstrain myself. Arnica helps me to bounce back quicker and relieve muscle pain.. l have a new go-to remedy called Sol 30C for sunburn severe itching skin with redness. For people who burn easily and get headaches from too much sun.

Too much sun can cause sunstroke a few helpful remedies are:

Belladonna - usually with pounding pulsating headache, redness in the face, dry heat and no thirst.

Glonoinum- this remedy is indicated for a patient with a pale face, white tongue with congestive headache who is vomiting and has laboured breathing.

Talking about sun plus wind a big one for me is cold sores during summer.

If you get them often there are some remedies worth having:

Nat Mur - use it especially if you crave salty food, have a cracked lower lip and have a tendency to water retention. Nat Mur is useful when stress causes cold sores.

Rhus tox-when cold sores crust over and create blisters - start to heal. It is a good one for bleeding sores and dry cracked lips.

Sepia - great for cold sores around lips, nose and nasal area. Especially during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Blisters are oozing.

Hepar Sulph - sores are taking a long time to heal and they develop yellow pus. Pains are burning and throbbing.

There are more remedies for cold sores and a few other health tips for healing them I write a blog just on this subject.

Summer break - Xmas I am writing from Australia is a time for celebration and enjoying food and drinks in the company of our loved ones. All these good times are so much fun and joy and we can go with ease through them with homeopathy.

Few remedies to remember:

Nux Vomica - too much food and drinks and coffee - amazing remedy for type A personality who work hard and play hard. A great remedy for overindulging in heavy food and alcohol.

This often happens when we are away and eating food that is not usual for us, which is causing constipation - Nux Vomica is great for you.

Pulsatilla - for very rich, heavy food - creamy cakes and fatty meats and so on.

This remedy is great for stomach aches especially when we are not thirsty.

Also, a good one to have when we feel a bit weepy and emotional around PMS, wanting to be held and confronted.

On the subject of food, the first remedy to think of for food poisoning is Arsenicum Album - with burning pains, very chilly, restless wants to sip water in small sips and often vomiting and having diarrhea at the same time not fun. Worse between 12 am - 2 pm Arsenicum is amazing for it.

As we spend most of our time outdoors during summer, especially kids we are surrounded by insects so few remedies to remember are.

Apis for all the insect bites: mosquitoes, jumping ants, wasps, bees and also jellyfish.

If see redness, puffiness and heat that has rosy red shiny swelling and responds well to cold application use Apis. Apis is exhausted yet restless. Worse from heat or hot application and touch.

Ledum-for puncture wounds can be bluish and feel cold to the touch. The bites are itching. Person relieved by cold application. Think of spider bites and tick bites. If you are bitten by poisonous spider use Ledum and seek medical attention.

Urticaria Urens - allergies to bites where a person has hives very itchy skin and feels a crawling sensation. There are red, large blotches on the skin after bites. The sensations are burning, stinging and itching.

These are just a few of my favourite remedies most of which you will find in my first aid kit - get in touch if you would like to order it.

I wish you all a beautiful time during this festive season and holidays. I have decided to stress even less than in previous years and be more minimalistic. The most precious gift we can give to people we love is our presence and attention kind and open heart. Hug your peeps and tell them how much they mean to you, and why they are so special in your eyes.

Our best wishes from my family to yours, lots of love❤️


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