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Spotlight on Kali Mur - tissue salt.

Tissue salt or cell salts are beautiful supplements and I love to use them.

There are 12 tissue salts like the 12 zodiacs and they are building blocks of our bodies.

Dr Schuessler, who found homeopathy too complex, focused his research and life work on tissue salts.

The main points of Schuessler's theory are :

1. The human body contains twelve essential minerals (tissue) salts, a correct balance of which must be maintained in order to ensure normal cell function and the maintenance of good health.

2. Any disruption to this balance – and we have a situation we call “illness“.

3. A normal balance of these vital mineral salts can be re-established with the administration of the deficient mineral in a readily assimilated form, which passes rapidly into the bloodstream and therefore the cells.

Kali Mur is also known as Potassium chloride or Chloride of Potash.

Astrology sign: Gemini for those who like astrology which doesn’t mean that only Gemini can use it.

This tissue salt has an affinity to mucous membranes, heart, lungs, kidneys and blood.

White is the colour of Kali Mur discharges white tongue coating, white discharge from the nose and throat, white ulcers, or white thrush in the mouth.

Kali Mur is called glandular tonic, it has been traditionally used for earache, swollen glands, head colds, mouth ulcers, and sore throat.

I love using Kali Mur. It is such a little helper to have at home.

If you are keen to learn more about how homeopathy can help you call me for a free 15 chat.

And till next time my friends when we learn together something exciting, knowledge is power.

Disclaimer: This blog and the information provided is for informational purposes only. Please consult with your doctor or other health professionals to make sure this information is right for your family.


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