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Homeopathy for pets- Wally story.

A few days ago I went with Wally for a walk.

He was doing his everyday Wally things sniffing every bush and peeing on it when all of sudden he did this awful cry jumped up in the air and started to run in circles.

Something happened to his paw. He couldn’t put it down, his paw was trembling, poor boy.

I carried him home and we decided to go to the vet clinic to see if they could help. Wally was in pain and we were quite alarmed.

The vet took a few seconds and said he couldn’t do anything and they needed to sedate Wally and then he could have a proper look.

I am not a fan of sedation so we went home and decided to soak his paw in warm water with salt and I thought maybe it could be a bite of some insect as he jumped up so suddenly. Also, his paw pillow was swollen and red.

I gave him one dose of Apis after that he immediately went into deep sleep - a good sign his body went into repair.

I gave him two more doses of Apis and the next day my Son said Mum look at Wally he is using his paw again. Such a relief so hard to see him suffering.

I am grateful for Apis. Apis is a homeopathic remedy made from honey bee. Apis saved the day at my son's bday party too few years ago, when his little friend stepped on some insect. She was in huge pain better for cold application after one dose of Apis and she was back playing with everyone.

Apis is great for bites and stings from bees, wasps, bull ants, and jellyfish. The area is red and swollen. Pain can be burning like hot needles, stinging, with prickling and itching. Prickly heat nettle rash or allergic reaction with heat, redness, puffiness, and swelling can be rosy red shiny swelling. Soothed by cold application. Exhausted yet restless. Worse from heat or hot application and touch.

This remedy has a few other applications:

It is for kids who drop things, have buttery fingers, jealous and irritable Apis is worth trying.

In the case of tonsillitis and sore throat, the tonsils and throat are red and swollen and the person desires ice-ice cubes to soothe the pain Apis is great.

For cystitis person desires to urinate all the time but only a tiny amount passes. Pain is burning, pressing, stinging.

Earache, where pain is stinging worse for heat and pains, start on the right side and moves to the left with a sore throat.

This is a short snapshot of what this remedy can do I am incredibly grateful that we have it available in our kit.

If you haven’t got a Homoeopathic first aid kit yet, it is a great time to get it and expand your knowledge for yourself and your family.

I offer one-to-one courses or group courses call me or email me if you want to know more.

Only a few more days to Spring woo hoo! Big hugs.


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