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For all the women❤️

I love this picture it is from a beautiful womb-rising retreat where I took time for myself, a few years ago. With all these beautiful women we cherished time being together and taking time for ourselves.

I wanted to write this post for a long time.

This post is for all women, including myself. To remember, to honour and cherish who we are.

Our ongoing balancing act between our family wants and fulfilling our own needs.

We create the atmosphere of our home. While bringing up our children we are healing our inner child. Our children constantly mirror, what we need to look at in ourselves, what comes to the surface to heal.

It does depend on other members of the family for sure, but we bring softness and beauty and flow to our homes.

Having a full-time or part-time job, or taking care of the house, with kids or not, demands of life, expectations of others it is sometimes easier said than done.

I won’t say anything new it is an inner job but in our busy world, we can take small steps to soften, and feel good about ourselves.

We can start with basic steps. This one you would be surprised but so many women don’t even do that for themselves - go to the toilet when you need it, yes really! How many times you are doing something else for others and tell your body no, not now! Something/someone is more important than your anatomical needs.

Having a glass of water when you are thirsty we often forgot about it, I used to do it.

When you don’t don't drink when you need to, you get more tense and can get headaches from dehydration.

Going early to bed when you are tired I often disregard this one. The night is a time of quiet when I can work on my cases, but I am slowly changing it. I found lately that screen time between hours 11 pm and-4 am create disappointment and depression feeling in us the next day, not a great way to start the day even if you think you being productive - what is the cost on your body?

So every time you pee when you need, have a glass of water, make yourself a beautiful meal, go early to bed when you are tired, congratulate yourself, and feel good about honouring your body's needs, nobody else will do that for you.

What else we can do to nourish ourselves, a short walk in nature even 20 minutes of seeing water brings such a relief to our nervous system.

Now more than ever we need to prioritise time for ourselves alone to be able to hear our inner guidance. Sitting even 5 minutes a day in quiet for me it has to be on the grass, sand in nature can give us much-needed space.

Exercise I just started exercises prepared by a beautiful and caring Check practitioner for my body and I am doing it, its only 15 minutes a day not every day but you know what I feel that it is enormous progress my body is happy when I am moving.

Move your body when you walk from room to room life is supposed to be fun. Bring flow and movement to shake off the stagnation. Shake, jump, be silly let your inner child have fun.

Have your women, your wise supportive women to talk. If no women circle in your area, you make one even with one sister. We need women more than men ( we need your men too of course you are our pillars but we need our sisters to thrive), there is this amazing article I will post below about our innate needs to be around women and how it nurtures us.

I am lucky to have a supportive sister around me I am so grateful for it. Being with them brought so much joy, open my heart, broaden my horizons, let me see things from another perspective, and let me vent if I needed to. It is not negotiable for me. I have time with my beautiful friends at least once a week. Every woman needs to have supportive sisters around to thrive. Reach out and find out if there are circles around you if you are in a new place, you will find it.

Make a pact with yourself to love yourself a little more every day. We can love others only as much as we love ourselves. So self-care and love is not selfish.

Every time you show your kids how you love and take care of yourself they will mirror it, they are learning it from us. We may have hard childhood or traumatic events in our life but every day little decision to love ourselves more will change us and life of people around us.

Homeopathy can help us to love ourselves more, to bring support when we are struggling.

It still amazes me when a well-selected remedy creates huge changes in my clients.

As I treat clients individually I find remedies based on your blueprint- I need to know first how you see the world, what you fear, and feel during the day, how is your body feeling, what makes your symptoms worse and what makes you better, what causes it in the first place, what you like to ear and drink, weather you prefer, what you dream about, how are your relationship with others all this build picture which will match to remedy selected for you.

When I select a good remedy all sudden clients say I feel I can detach from my problems some just feel uplifted and great after taking remedies they have more energy and more zest for life. Their bodies are getting more resilient.

What would be something your could use at home to help yourself?

For an emergency, sudden anxious events for ladies from Europe Bach flower essences - Rescue remedy for Australian ladies Emergency essence Bush Flower Essence.

Kali Phos I love tissue salt too - homeopathic building blocks. No 1 nerve tonic in tissue salts.

For nervous disposition, anxiety, low mood, and nervous headaches.

It is great tissue salt for rebuilding grey matter nerve tissue. A wonderful remedy for overstressed people. It protects and nourishes nerves and calms and lifts mood.

If something happened when you are very anxious and restless for example a car accident, bad news, shock, or accident where you are anxious and restless first remedy to think of is Aconite.

It is a beautiful remedy for panic attacks.

A person needing Aconite will be thirsty for cold drinks and very anxious and may have heart palpitation, it will help to calm down and help to fall asleep if you can’t sleep because you worry and feel anxious about something.

Ignatia is another one for heartbreak, grief, and missing person, when you sigh a lot, cry and lump in the throat this remedy is amazing. Ignatia is a soothing remedy that helps healthily release grief. Called Homeopathic Proazac it is an amazing supportive remedy.

People who may need it have an artistic soul. It helps with Insomnia due to strong emotional events, and shock not being processed yet.

Sepia one homeopath said in one podcast I can’t remember who that Sepia is like a glass of wine, gives you a breather.

For overwork, cranky mamas who had enough want to be left alone are better for exercise or dancing. Sepia is such a helpful remedy to keep on keeping on :-)

Pulsatilla when you are better for consolation and hugs when you are emotional around your period better for hugs and talking and listening to think about Pulsatilla. For women who get very teary before their period and get hormonal headaches, it is a great remedy.

There are so much more remedies if you haven’t tried yet Homeopathy give it a go. Get in touch with me online or face to face I am in Little Jewels Mullumbimby every Thursday.

You are very special and are here for a reason. Every time you take care of yourself and love yourself a little more you are creating a better world. Big hugs and love beautiful women from all around the world.


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