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Oh, no flu!

We had a spell of very hot weather one week, followed by a cool change.

Last few weeks many of my clients and neighbours have been reporting flu with extreme nausea. To the point of not being able to stop vomiting. With Homeopathy we can be prepared, prevent or shorten the duration if we already caught something.

I got a really short version of it, 24 hours of nausea and cramping stomach.

I was lucky and had acupuncture with Candace Foo owner of the Little Jewels.

It gave me a little relief and then at home, I took some Nux Vomica and went to bed. It took 24 hours. I was burping but not vomiting with heavy cramping and constipation -Nux Vomica fits so well in a case like that.

Another remedy for flu with vomiting and diarrhea is Arsenicum Album, also the number 1 remedy for food poisoning and gastric flu especially when the onset of vomiting starts for you between 12am-2 am. The person needing Arsenicum will be chilly, better for heat, better for drinking warm drinks but only small sips and will have burning pains they don’t want to be left alone.

For extreme nausea with vomiting, which doesn’t bring relief leading remedy is Ipecac. The person may be gasy, belching has diarrhea but not necessary and absolutely can’t stand the sight of food. They may also have a dry cough, sometimes with wheezing, and gagging in nature may lead to vomiting.

Another remedy to consider is homeopathic Influenzinum which has nausea in the picture and all the flu symptoms. It is very helpful. l also prevention for the rest of the family if one of the members gets sick.

During the flu, avoiding mucus-forming food is helpful, such as dairy, gluten, bananas, fried food, and sugar which lowers your immune system function to 50% for a few hours.

Helpful foods are ginger, turmeric, bone broth, citrus fruits, pineapple, garlic, and green vegetables. Making sure you keep drinking water, or coconut water and staying hydrated is very important.

These Homeopathic remedies are just a few examples, there are many more to select from and bring relief depending on your presentation as homeopathy focus on individualised treatment.

If you need Homeopathic help or have some questions visit Little Jewels in Mullumbimby and see me on Thursday or call me on 0411516308.

Keep warm and healthy spring is almost here!


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